Surya Namaskar-Sun Salutation

by Valentin | Health by Awareness

Surya Namaskar/ Sun Salutation
  • Surya ( Sanskrit सूर्य (sū́rya, “the sun))
  • Namaskar (Sanskrit नमस्कार, Salutation

Surya Namaskar = Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation is a very ancestral yogic practice, still practice today in all school and all different types of yoga, there is many variations of it, here, I teach the Hatha version given by Bihar school of Yoga, India

It is a sequence of 7 different (asanas) postures, performed in a specific order to make a total of 12 asanas (postures) to accomplish a round of Sun Salutation


-Harmony of the entire endocrinien system (hormonal balance)

-Train the whole physical body

-Intuitive improvement of the posture

– Strengh the digestive system, promote blood circulation

-Release tension, Improve the strengh, mobility and flexibility of the hips, shoulders and spine

-A very CALM and Still mind is the result 

-GREAT increase in respiratory capacity 

-To simply feel good

-Etc etc etc etc…….

The teacher

My name is Valentin,

I practice Yoga since 2018, my deep Initiation was in Rishikesh North India, school Pratham yoga Ashram, where I learned about Asana, alignment, Mantra, Pranayama, Ayurveda, philosophy and Kriya in January 2020
Then I discovered the art of Vipassana meditation as tought by
S.N Goyenka in Chitwan, Nepal
Then, I was teaching yoga ( included meditation) in Kathmandu and all around Nepal during 1 year.
Then I learned the art of Thai massage, intuitive oil massage, healing touch, with Raj in Pokhara in June 2021
Then I was teaching Yoga + meditation + giving massage during 6 months in Rishikesh and Goa from September 2021 to March 2022
In November 2021, I met my main teacher, Deepak wandhavan naturopath and yoga therapist, who could guide me into very deep healing aspect of Yoga asanam,
I then worked as a Massage therapist and Yoga/Thai massage teacher in collaboration with Karmayogi school in Pokhara Nepal, from March 2022 to August 2022.
In September 2022, I am initiated to Tantra and follow the 1st part of a tantra teacher training
I spent 3 years in the Himalaya living as teaching and learning about yoga, for my own development, for my own benefits,
I was volunteering in many Ashrams, many Buddhist center where I was teaching orphans about mathematics and English,
I am now today very happy to be in Europe and to do my best to share what I discovered in the east.
To teach in Europe is still part of my spiritual journey, I am very grateful for my friends here who help me to share and teach that very beautiful path.


Understand the healing aspect of Surya Namaskar

I will guide into the practice gradually and progressively, step by step, day by day.

I will cover the breathing aspect, the alignement aspect and the transition between one asana to the other one.

We take our time go into it 

Each day will be a focus on 2 or 3 asanas and the whole sequence (for memory, habits) The warm up is according to the focus of the day

Effortless is the greatest achievement 

We have the intention to do it peacefully, in a relaxed and calm manner, I insist on that, to be at ease and mindful is the promise of great result, both on the mat and on the daily life ! You will simply not be able to perform the subtlety of the instructions if you are tense and distracted. My guidance is oriented more on the easiness and good feeling then on the final result


The limitations of each one’s own body is respected and considered, 

The balance of each side (balance between righ and left) of the body is considered 

The rythm between activity and passivity, between work and rest is considered 

So happy to teach Surya Namaskar

Out of all the yogic practice I experienced, 

Surya Namaskar is the one who gave (and gives) me the highest physical, mental and spiritual benefits 

It is by my own experience that I know the immensity of positive results of this practice. I witnessed both of me and others the great effects of this program that it is with a strong confidence that I persist to teach it wholeheartedly.


If you can walk and reach the studio without pain, without being breathless, then you can attend the course, 

If you have recent spine injury/surgery, it is better to ask your doctor

For any ailment, please let me know in advance



1 Sessions 50 PLN

4 Sessions 160 PLN

8 Sessions 240 PLN

12 Sessions 300 PLN

Unlimited (26 sessions) 500 PLN


Start the 1st of June 

Monday to Friday

Morning = 9H00 to 10h30

Evening = 17h00 to 18h30 

Saturday Sunday

2 hours class with extra yogic mysterious practice 

10h30 to 12h30